International Festival "La Primaї in Moscow, Russia 2012; International Festival of watercolor in Turkey 2013; in China 2013;

in St. Petersburg, Russia 2013; in France 2014; Taylande 2015; in Mexico 2015; in Fabriano, Italy 2015; in Izmir, Turkey 2015; in Taiwan 2015; in Indonesia 2015; in Albania 2015; in India 2015; Venice International Art Exhibition, Italy 2015; in France 2016, in Pakistan 2016, in Thailand 2016; International Art Exhibition in Marbella, Spain 2016. In Pakistan 2016,

Biennale a watercolor show in France (Rochemor) 2016, Thailand 2011; in France (Reims) 2017, in Fabriano, Italy 2017,

in Turkey 2017, in China 2017, in Spain (Caudete) 2017, in Czech Republic (Prague) 2018, it has a number of solo exhibitions. Awarded with a gold medal at the Biennale in Spain 2017, diplomas and certificates. Many of the author’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. The main objective in the author’s works is the image of light and air in his watercolor works.Watercolor technique is performed in “A LA PRIMA”.