intensive course                                                                                      drawing and painting like the old masters                                  with ANDREAS FISCHBACHER UND MIKE BÜCHEL

Drawing and painting like the old masters is a two-week summer-Workshop with Andreas Fischbacher und Mike Büchel.

It is divided into two main key aspects: drawing and painting. 

Painting like the old masters: Andreas Fischbacher

Fr 1. – Di 5. Jul 2022

Drawing like the old Masters with Mike Büchel

Fr 24. – Di 28. Jun 2022


In the intensive workshop: Painting led by Andreas Fischbacher, classic oil painting techniques and image composition are practiced using historical templates and models. An important topic is the correct mixing of skin tones, the creation of transition between light and shadow, the illusion of space using  chiaroscuro and the economical use of colour. The course includes a lot of practice and some theory as well. The aim of the workshop is to impart as much know-how as possible so

that you can continue to work safely and enjoyably at home or in your own studio.


The course includes material and colour theory, supporting lectures, and extensive practical exercises with intensive

one-on-one interviews and feedback.


In this intensive workshop with Mike Büchel, a model will be available for a week under classic studio conditiones like those of  the old masters. Building on their experience and methodology, all course participants are given the essential tools to simplify the complexities oft he human form. This know-how enables us to delve into the individual subject areas such as gesture, proportion, expression, anatomy, light and shadow with fun and joy.


The course consists of lectures, review, demonstrations and above all: a lot of practice.

Extra information: 

Painting like the old masters is a two-part workshop led by lecturers Andreas Fischbacher and Mike Büchel. Part one „Drawing“ is taught by Mike Büchel and Part two „Painting“ by Andreas Fischbacher. The courses take place consecutively. It includes proportion and colour theory, supporting lectures and the execution of classic drawing and painting based on models and templates. 


Course times: Daily from 10 am - 5 pm. Including a one hour lunch break.

Course price: 1700 € per participant including model fees.

Material costs are not included in the price.