nirupam konwar                                                                                              creating dramatic landscapes: imagination and creativity


 My agenda for the 3 days course includes:I have structured my workshop in 7 different modules.

  • During the workshop I will introduce them with the Art materials that are required and also teach them the basic fundamentals which plays an important role in each and every step.
  • We will learn how to choose a subject while doing plein air.
  • We will learn how to draw different types of compositions and rough thumbnail sketches for practice.
  • We will learn how to layer a painting in 3 different stages viz. - Background, Midground and Foreground.
  • We will talk about color combinations and color temperature and also about tonal values.
  • We will learn different watercolor techniques such as granulation, opaque, dry brushes stroke, splashing, scratching etc and implement them while practicing.
  • They will be learning step by step along with me and at the end of the day they will create a painting of their own.

My technique: My main goal is to create drama in paintings. For this I paint 'Wet on Wet' (Alla Prima). I generally create a misty feel in the background to bring alive the dramatic feeling . Also adding textures at different levels is another part of my technique.


My  teaching: The sole purpose of the course is to introduce the participants with specific techniques of watercolor which includes both basic and advanced levels. Techniques would help them to gain confidence in their painting panel. It will act as a source of inspiration and creativity for them. Example is better than precept because it clarifies the doubts and simplifies the complexes. It gives a gist of the entire course and stimulates creativity. There will be simple exercises to be repeated after every step. But the final output of each trainee will reveal their own personality as there is every possibility of a different result for each participant.I prefer simple exercises for each technical process as it helps in better understanding. To master a piece of art requires demonstration and careful monitoring at each stage. So it is very important to primarily focus on the techniques for a successful realization. My painting particularly insists on perspective,themes and creative process and also little research and reframing. Aerial views, landscapes add to the concept of my paintings. I love to give life to the landscape in my painting panel with my own imagination and creativity. As for colour I personally use a very limited palette with a good combination of both warm and cool colors.

My artistic approach: My artistic approach towards painting always depends upon the perspective of the subject matter. I need to draw an outline of the subject I want in my panel within my mind. I basically focus on distant objects and capture them in my imagination. Then, I add levels of textures with watercolors to my paintings. It reinforces my subject and enriches the masterpiece I want to create.


Kurs-Nr. 24-002


3 Kurstage

Fr 20. – So 22. Sep 2024

10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

490,– Euro/pP

Min. 8 bis max. 20 TN