glenn vilppu                                                                                          clothed figure

Rather than just copying the clothed figure, this workshop will focus on understanding drapery, using it to describe the form of figure underneath and accentuate the movement. You will learn the 7 basic folds. Being able to recognize them will allow you to work more quickly and use them effectively in your drawing. Rendering techniques and different ways to use light will also be covered. Artists of all levels are welcome.

Dieser Kurs wird in Englisch gehalten. Eventuelle Modellkosten sind vor Ort zu bezahlen.

Kurs-Nr. 22-090


2 Kurstage

Do 28. – Fr 29. Jul 2022

9.30 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 8 bis max. 14 TN

260,– Euro/pP


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