glenn vilppu                                                                                              figure drawing and anatomy

This course focuses on how to effectively use anatomical knowledge in drawing the figure. Just knowing anatomy is not enough to be able to use it to advantage in your drawing. Before focusing on Anatomy, Glenn Vilppu will demonstrate a clear way of understanding  the gesture and basic three dimensional structure in simple forms,  showing the various parts

of the body overlapping as they interconnect. Then he will focus on individual anatomical parts and the way to use them

effectively to emphasise the  movement and feeling of the figure. Artists of all levels are welcome. 

Dieser Kurs wird in Englisch gehalten.

Ablauf des Onlineseminars:

Vorbereitung: Zoom muss am Gerät (Laptop, Handy, Tablett) installiert sein.

Funktioniert reibungslos mit Google Chrome als Browser (Safari macht manchmal Probleme).

Wichtig: Eure Handynummern, sodass zeitgleich über Whatsapp kommuniziert werden kann (wichtig für das Zuschicken der Bilder). Jeder Teilnehmer bekommt eine Einladung per Email mit dem Link zur Videokonferenz; einfach anklicken und in den virtuellen Raum kommen.


Procedure of the Onlineworkshop:

Preparation: Zoom must be installed on the device (laptop, mobile phone or tablett).

Works fine with Google Chrome as the browser (Safari sometimes causes problems).

Important: your mobile phone numbers so that you can communicate via WhatsApp at the same time (important for sending the pictures). Each participant receives an invitation by email with a link to the video conference; just click and come into the virtual room.

Kurs-Nr. ON21-016


3 Kursabende/3 Evenings

Sa 19. – Mo 21. Jun 2021

18.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

6 pm till 9 pm

(Vienna time)

Min. 9 bis max. 16 TN

250,– Euro/pP