Manfred Baumann                                                                                       face 2 face

Take a day to learn how to shoot professional portraits from star photographer Manfred Baumann and his team. Manfred Baumann is in high demand around the world, and has photographed celebrities including Tony Curtis, John Malkovich, William Shatner, Kathleen Turner, and Steve Guttenberg.

A portrait should be more than just a picture. It should capture the face, character, and history of the subject. Celebrities like John Malkovich, Paul Anka, Dolph Lundgren, and Sofia Milos are excellent examples of strong expressions. Now, you can try your hand at capturing the essence of a person in a single picture. Let star photographer Manfred Baumann give you valuable tips so that you, too, can take the perfect portrait.


You will be able to apply the theory you are taught with perfect lighting, professional models, and of course the help of Manfred Baumann. You will be amazed at what you can do! Topics including lighting, facial expressions, proven poses, various portrait styles, and much more will also be discussed.?

Kurs-Nr. 22-107


1 Kurstage

Sa 17. Sep 2022

10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

Min. 10 bis max. 16 TN

211,– Euro/pP