eudes correia                                                                                                how to explore light and shadow in watercolor

Eudes shares his knowledge of watercolor and the human figure to teach you all about light and shadow.

If you ever participated in one of Eudes’ workshops you may know that he does his best to teach the more as possible in a few hours. This course won’t be any different. Exploring the technique he has been perfecting over the years, which has led his work to win admirers around the world, Eudes simplifies the process to facilitate understanding and show you all the secrets to be able to paint a beautiful face.



The importance of contrast

Study and application of light, shadow and contrast

How to paint warm and cold shadows

Distinction between soft and hard shadows

How to connect shadow and volume

Tonal variations present in shadows

Shadow behavior on colored backgrounds


Kurs-Nr. 22-110


4 Kurstage

Do 22. – So 25. Sep 2022

09.30 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 8 bis max. 16 TN

590,– Euro/pP