Julia Barminova                                                                                              how to paint realistic sea in watercolour


 Discover the famous technique of traveling watercolourist!


 How many times have you got your breath taken by the beauty of sea waves? And how many times you wanted to paint sails, light and colours of the surface, all these sailing ropes, fishing tackle?

But how many times have you tried to acquire just the right technique to get the results you wanted? That is exactly the answer that you will find here!


Julia Barminova is a watercolour artist that visited more than 150 different port cities over the world looking for new seascapes and inspiration.


How to get the best image of water, the spirit of port and all the nuances of watercolour technique will be the main topics of this class. The most important part is that you will learn to paint water effectively not only in studio but also outside in your travels and on pleinairs.


This fascinating feeling when a bit of watercolor paint of different saturation and shade become something bigger on the paper!! By having heard the watercolour technique from easy to hard, by painting your own sea, after workshop my students can look at the watercolour sea paintings with the exact understanding of HOW it was done.


This workshop will focus on marine watercolour – textured fishing boats, sailing in action, ocean waves breaking on coastal rocks, calm waters of smaller bays, yachts in the marina.


Workshop’s program:

Analysis of important characteristics of watercolour that are critical for expressing water when painting in the alla prima technique – one layer of watercolor on paper. Look at several levels of complexities about a subject such as the sea, different types of reflections and refractions, search for light and contrast. Learn what to pay attention to when choosing the right composition and how to find a subject on location, in the harbor and along the coast line. Practice the structure of waves and work with volume and dimensions of water. Complete our first watercolour – wet in wet wash of the sea.

We will approach painting “seascapes” in watercolour in four stages – waves, reflections, boat and details.


1) Introduction of the materials, choosing paper, brushes and paints;

2) Analysing the important watercolour aspects, which are necessary for depiction of water using the technique La Prima; 

3) Several levels of gradation of the sea complicity; variety of reflections, search for light and contrasts;

4) What you should pay attention, when choosing the subject and how to look for the life model in the port and the seaside;

5) Practical usage of the theory;

6) Watercolour work in genre “Seascape” in 4 parts: waves, reflections, glare and details.


Dieser Kurs wird in Englisch abgehalten.

Kurs-Nr. 24-004


3 Kurstage 

Mo 22. – Mi 24. Jan 2024

10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 6 bis max. 16TN

490,– Euro/pP