Prafull Sawant                                                                                                    Composition, light and watercolor

What is it aimed it? I will show to participants, how we will approach composition and how simplify a location in painting with atmosphere. Because the composition of forms, light and shade ist the soul of painting. Which skills are developed? How choose of subject in the architectural landscape, the choice of composition in the landscape and how correctly build it with perspective. How to choose and use a color scheme in painting, we will discuss the importance of human figures in the landscape. We will talk about which brush we use in painting and why? How keep freshness of watercolor. We learn how to preparation and development of focal point in painting. Main highlight the compositional center of the picture, we will learn quantity of pigments, tonal value oft light, mid tone and dark tone in composition and their arrangement, how capture the tonal value and light lighting effects. Dieser Kurs wird in Englisch gehalten.

Kurs-Nr. 24-039


4 Kurstage

Mo 29. Apr – Do 2. Mai 2024

10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 8 bis max. 16 TN

640,– Euro/pP