Fabio Cembranelli                                                                                          intuitive approaches to watercolor

Fabio Cembranelli will guide artists in developing loose and intuitive watercolor techniques to enhance their approach.


Workshop Topics:

• Wet on-wet techniques using transparent pigments only

• Watercolor painting on damp paper

• How to take advantage of unexpected things that may happen during the painting process

• The importance of the white of the paper in watercolor: how to save or restore it

• Fundamentals of composition: how to create a powerful focal point

• How to be successful in taking risks during the painting process. Workshop Subjects:

• Flowers: Sketching the Main Elements

• Compositional Choices for Flowers

• Background: How to Enhance Light and Shadow with Background

• White Flowers: Working with the White of the Paper

• Compositional Choices for Still Life

• Porcelain and Glass Vases

• Painting Without a Preliminary Sketch

• Fresh Flowers: Connecting Shapes

• Negative Painting: Background

• Light and Shadow Effects on Balconies/Gates or Doors

• Perspective and Depth: Enhancing the 3D Effect

• Shadows: Colorful Grays

• Tips About Mixing Colors: Color Temperature and Value

• Flower Fields and Skies

• Color Mixings: Landscape Background


Fabio will paint two or three demos per day followed by individual attention to each participant.

He will also conduct critical sessions every day.

Kurs-Nr. 24-051


3 Kurstage

Mi 29. – Fr 31. Mai 2024

10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 8 bis max. 14 TN

490,– Euro/pP