GLENN VILPPU                                                                                              figure drawing and anatomy

This course focuses on how to effectively use anatomical knowledge in drawing the figure. Just knowing anatomy is not enough to be able to use it to advantage in your drawing. Before focusing on Anatomy, Glenn Vilppu will demonstrate a clear way of understanding the gesture and basic three dimensional structure in simple forms, showing the various parts of the body overlapping as they interconnect. Then he will focus on individual anatomical parts and the way to use them effectively to emphasise the movement and feeling of the figure. Artists of all levels are welcome

Dieser Kurs wird in Englisch gehalten. Modellkosten sind vor Ort zu bezahlen.

Kurs-Nr. 24-091


4 Kurstage

Mo 23. - Do 26. Sep 2024

10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Min. 8 bis max. 16 TN

520,– Euro/pP